Viu volume na minha bermuda e pediu pra me mamar


Aunt Sara, you know that I tested like in the 120th percentile for my age, I can do calculus problems in promovare escorte head, but I can’t talk to a fucking girl without stuttering!” He stands up and paces around the room. “I don’t see how you can help me. I’ve read everything I could find on the subject but nothing seems to work.” He plops back down on the couch. “I’ve never even kissed a girl,” he says under his breath.

“Hey!” I punch his arm. “Cheer up! Aunt Sara’s on the sume case. You’re going to be dazzling this girl in no time. What’s her name?”

“Megan,” he says, looking at me. “Are you sure? Do you think you can actually cuplu help me?” The way he’s looking at me with those big brown eyes, he looks just like his father. My heart starts fluttering and I take a deep breath.